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Revamping a vertical

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old vetical siteRevamping a vertical – fairly old Self Service Section

The “Advertise with us” section shown in the image is an old version that has since been re-vamped. I just wanted to touch on the subject of revamping a vertical, that is renewing a sites section and some of the complications associated with this as I’m sure we have or will have to do this type of work at some point or another but perhaps not quite like this?

I quickly realised that this was not going to be as straight forward as I initially thought – I was not allowed to touch the code! Did you read right? Yes you did. Read on! →

Site Grid System

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implementing a grid systemImplementing a grid system into your existing site

Way back last year I was asked to implement a grid system by our UX guy into our many sites at Johnston Press. The reason for this was to aid in the rollout of many more verticals that were to fit into our current page layout over the next year. Read on! →